Not everyone old is sick!

Today was a funny old day at work. Two elderly guys came in, one from an MVA, and one who fell on his gardening power tools. The first guy had a lacerated liver, we looked after him well and he went to the OT and got opened up – not sure how he will do, but good and unusual to get an old guy with such a significant injury to theatre stable. The next guy was an amazing 83 year old Croat who had never been to hospital before and was on no pills – he had a penetrating injury to his chest wall. He was fine – we patched him up and he went home delighted. He will be great! So a good day, I reckon…

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One Response to Not everyone old is sick!

  1. Angela says:

    Hi Domhnall,My name is Angela, (you probably don’t remember who I am) and I briefly met you in Emergency at SCGH on Saturday the 6th of August.Just to quickly refresh your memory, my uncle Antonio (Tony) Rizzi, was rushed by ambulance to Royal Perth Hospital, but their emergency wardswere full so he was then re-directed to SCGH. My mother was with him in the ambulance, so she called me from the hospital and I then drove to SCGH to find out what had caused his disorientation and disillusionment, as he was only discharged from RPH the day before.He suffers from Chronic Liver Disease, he also had Hepatic Encepatholopy and has had end stage liver failure, (which I am assuming that you would already know this from viewing his medical records.)I would just like to say that after dealing with so many different medical staff at RPH as well as Silver Chain, I found you to be very friendly, genuine, professional, and actually showed that you care.It’s such a refreshing change to know that doctors like yourself actually exist, I hope more doctors take a leaf out of your book, there seems to be many out there that have a lot to learn about people skills.You may of thought that you didn’t do anything significant that day, but it’s always the small things in life that are important, and speaking for myself go unnoticed.I was searching on the SCGH website, to find whether there was a section that I could submit my appreciation, and then stumbled on your ‘spaces’ section on the net.I was going to send a letter to SCGH, (and I can still do so, if it is going to be of benefit for you) but I thought I would send you my thanks direct.Thanks again, and let me know if I you would like me to send a letter to

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