The ACEM Fellowship exam has been and gone – I passed it, so now all I have left to do is 3 months of “non-ED” time, which I will complete in the APU at the RHH. I am hoping I will learn a fair bit, given that it is many moons since I did any general medicine. I am also hoping that I can build on the ED-APU relationship and contribute to the delivery of an efficient acute medical admission service, and then carry that working knowledge of process back to the ED on my return, hopefully to take up a consultant position.

The blog is still a bit muddled in direction – this may persist, but I do foresee a more medical angle for the future. Just gotta decide on the exact niche…

Other important life things – Cormac turned three, which is so hard to fathom! Seems like only yesterday he arrived, and already he seems to be very grown up! We tried to add to the family in 2011, but things didn’t work out. We’ll have another crack in 2012! We (have almost) bought a new house, hopefully for the long haul. My brother and his wife have had a new cousin for Cormac – little Sarah – which is fantastic news!

So – hope for some positive changes in 2012 is high! Let’s get on with it!

“I (Domhnall) started this blog originally to keep family and friends up to date with my little world far away, and it has seen ebbs and flows of activity since. My dedicated photography website www.dreapadoir.com has become home to the pure photography side of my web musings, but I have reinvigorated this blog since the enforced migration to wordpress. I am an emergency doctor, photographer, occasional writer, a father to Cormac, and a husband to Gill, and together we love and share the outdoor world. Feel free to comment on the blog, visit and comment on my photography, and hopefully I will make the content worth an occasional look.

Increasingly, due largely to my own pre-fellowship exam immersion in these things, this site has leant a little more towards emergency medicine practice, evidence, and philosophy. It remains to be seen if this will persist beyond the quiz. If it does, I may separate into two blogs, and float a purely medical/medical philosophy blog, handing this baby back to family, friends, and non medical musings. All will become clear in late 2011.

First step in the Fellowship exam complete. Just the clinical to go!”


2 Responses to About

  1. Pranab says:

    Came here from a comment you left on Andy Neill’s EM blog. 🙂 Been reading some of the posts. I wish you all the best for the examination and look forward to read more stuff from you.

    (and part of the reason why I am leaving such a weird, cryptic comment is to subscribe to your blog via email, my preferred medium of reading emails. Did not see an email sign up widget on the sidebars 🙂 )

  2. - says:

    I wish you the best in the quiz, too, Domhnall, and thanks for the comment on the Anatomy Building feature. If you know others who passed through its enchanting spaces you might let them know about the article. Ta.

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