Mt. Wellington from Mortimer Bay

A long overdue date with my camera and some filters this evening gave me a few images worth sharing. This is a long exposure taken with a ten-stop ND filter and a Galen Rowell three-stop hard grad. The rest will appear on www.dreapadoir.comwhen I get around to it.

Long exposure from Mortimer Bay looking towards Mt. Wellington


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Emergency Physician, author of Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at
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3 Responses to Mt. Wellington from Mortimer Bay

  1. Nevin says:

    Time for some more exciting news or a more recent photo maybe?

    • dreapadoir says:

      Hey Nevin – been doing more on my medical blog over at but even that has been quiet due to new-found enthusiasm for other projects around work since I commenced my specialist role. Bought a new Canon PIXMA Pro 1 printer too so I have been concentrating photography efforts on printing! But I’ll be back! Hi to Florence, Timmy and Titus!

  2. Nevin says:

    In that case, if you need some guinea pig for the printer one is over here. 😉 Will check out when you are back here.

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