the underneaths of EM

My new medically focused (and particularly Emergency Medicine) blog is up and running at the underneaths of EM and will be the repository both for new medical content, but also for the re-posting of most of the existing medical content from this blog. please visit it if you are a medical reader finding your way here by a search or an old link! This may be a risk, given that I have just had my most hits ever last month, but I felt it was time, as the personal/medical content was getting a bit confused! This blog shall remain for non-work-related stuff, including photography and family things, plus random writings. Occasionally a post may be published on both blogs…so, please continue to follow me here or on the new blog. Thanks! D

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The Mountain: snowbow?


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The Mountain

ImageThe summit this evening as the sun set and a front rolled over the flanks of Mt Wellington. Taken from the kitchen window of our new house. I love Hobart!

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The young’un hanging out with his friends Ben and Freja


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Demise of the dignified demise


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Only in Hobart…

Only in Hobart would the house you just bought and the one you just sold appear beside each other on the agent’s website!


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Blog segregation

The time is nigh for blog separation. I will split my personal stuff from medical stuff in the coming times. It remains to be seen what title my personal blog will take. I think I will leave the current title for the medical stuff, but will have to see how the divorce goes. There will be tears, wailing and gnashing of teeth, but it is a necessary evil as my blog has gradually developed a more medical content. Watch this space…

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