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Jon Hanna

I was relentlessly bullied from day one at secondary school. I met you and here was someone who appeared weaker than me and I did what many bullied people do. I passed it on. I bullied you. I remember laughing … Continue reading

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I watched the resplendent rosella with inexplicably emotional delight. Then the explanation came to me – I was feeling not just my own appreciation of its colourful plumage but somehow I was channelling the joy I knew my father would … Continue reading

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Rocks are Earth’s previous thoughts:  Scattered like abandoned ideas Or filed in folds and strata Like memories 

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Ancient Rain

I experienced this quite incredible and unusual concert last night – “Ancient Rain” by Paul Kelly and Camille O’Sullivan. A rather original combination of theatre, poetry and music. I urge you to see it if you get a chance. I … Continue reading

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State-change 俳句

The sublime mind boils with ideas which, not written, soon evaporate 

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Fine filaments of life

I became acutely aware of the heavy rhythm of my breathing syncopated with the pulsing in my neck as my face gently broke through filament after filament of the fine filigree of first webs. I spun my pedals at a … Continue reading

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