Only in Hobart…

Only in Hobart would the house you just bought and the one you just sold appear beside each other on the agent’s website!



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5 Responses to Only in Hobart…

  1. Nevin says:

    And the photo of the old house was likely done in HDR? Bleached in PP too? Agents here use wide-angle lenses to trick potential buyers to believe that the interior are spacious than it really is.

    • dreapadoir says:

      No HDR Nevin. Used off camera flash and taken in morning light, then processed in lightroom. Wide angle of course. Colour was not altered. Instead, I completely repainted onside and out, so ’twas different from when you were here!

      • Nevin says:

        Oh you did the shot and the pp! And painted the house anew! No wonder the image looks as if it could be even nicer than the new house.

  2. dreapadoir says:

    No I didn’t take them Nevin, but I spent the morning with the photographer as he took them, and we chatted about photography for an hour or so.

    • Nevin says:

      “… we chatted about photography for an hour or so.” Probably this is another thing that could happen to a person on duty only in Hobart / Tassie.

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