Hippocrates’ Shadow

I just finished reading David Newman’s (of thennt.com and smartem.org fame) eye-opening book Hippocrates’ Shadow (intended primarily for the so-called “lay” market rather than a medical readership) examining the direction modern medicine has taken, and how far removed it is from where it all began. It is a fantastic book, and I find myself agreeing with much of it, and have in the past (albeit more superficially) blogged on some of the tenets he examines. If you are a doctor – read it, it may change everything. If you are, have been, or ever will be (i.e. everyone) a patient, read it too, then recommend it to your doctor! After that, maybe we can all get back to healing…

Addendum – I just read this which is a nice “real world” example of the Hippocratic approach. It is true that in the time-pressured chaos of ED, such calm, thorough and considered evaluations are rare, and there is no doubt that this negatively impacts on patient care. I resolve to rely not just on heuristics and knee jerk tests, and to try as much as possible to be alert to situations where a careful clinical stitch in time may well save nine!


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