TCD School of Medicine Tercentenary

My old Medical School turns 300 this year, and my sister has just sent me a link to some beautiful photographs by Fionn McCann which record the grandeur of the Anatomy School where we walked in the footsteps of the classical Anatomists as humble medical students. I can still remember with deep affection the excitement and the awe I felt as I quaked for the first time under the gaze of Professor O’Brien with the smell of formaldehyde permeating everything, while the walls and corridors dripped with the history of the great anatomists and physicians of the past 300 years and beyond, illustrated by the Erskine tributes to Vesalius. These are the last days of the Anatomy School in current form – it is to be relocated to a modern building. I am not so sure this is a good idea – it truly is a living museum. A lovely article by Paul O’Connor which encapsulates what this building means to me, and many others, can be read here. The photographs – a record of this historic treasure, can be viewed here, and I include one below as a sample. I will never forget the first day my group nervously propped Netter’s Anatomy Atlas up against the enormous feet of “Sven,” our affectionately named cadaver, whose kind donation taught and inspired me, a gift I remember until today. The friendships formed in his presence live on, and the knowledge gleaned from those dissections lives on too.


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