The Winter Challenge – Where is the Green Sheep?

Gill and I, ably assisted (sabotaged?) by Cormac, took part in the Huon Valley Winter Challenge last weekend.
We ain’t at our fittest (wee man gets the blame here too), and changeovers were a bit fraught, since our "baton" was a very mobile and cheeky little boy. However, Gill did the 10km run, and the 18km mountainbike ride, and I did the 37km roadbike ride and the 11km kayak. Despite bike-induced cramp, and kayak-induced sciatica, I actually enjoyed the race.
There are a few shots here and in the other galleries from the boys at Look for the race number "233." Unfortunately, they aren’t indexed, so you have to wade through heaps of shots of the other 485 competitors too, but there is a shot of me on my roadie (green Ireland cycling top, grey helmet, black arm warmers and red Cannondale roadbike), and one of me looking whacked in my kayak (same clothes, yellow PFD, blue and white mirage 580 sea kayak).There is also a close up of Gill running (black/orange top),and a shot of her on the mountain bike leg too (same top, blue helmet, red Scott Geniius, mud+++). In the "general" section there is a shot by one photographer of another with Cormac wandering through the lower left hand corner.
We named ourselves "The Green Sheep," in honour of Cormac’s (or maybe our?) favourite book.

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