The Territory…and back home in the province

Just got back from five days in the Northern Territory – Darwin, Litchfield and Gill’s friends’ subsistence farm, Speargrass, near Pine Creek. We had a fantastic experience with Luke, Laura, Ginger and Wren. They live a life close to the land and close to nature in an uncompromising and simple way. It was amazing and inspirational to share it with them for a few days. I would love to go back and spend longer there, as I am sure would Cormac, who loved hanging out with the girls, and the dog (Jump), the goats and the chicks. I came home to find out that I won the landscape section and was the overall winner of the Nature’s Hotspots Competition!!! The wee man is a little sick fella today though. Damn childcare, or airplane – who knows!

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2 Responses to The Territory…and back home in the province

  1. jordina says:

    domhnall !!! Domhnall this are GOOD News !!!!! so jappi-Happy !!! bigkiss

  2. jordina says:

    vitaminickisses for the littleone

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