New tripod and lens

Nipped out at dusk tonight to use my new Manfrotto tripod and Canon 50mm 1.8 prime lens. Barely survived the mossies, but got one or two shots I was reasonably happy with. Click on it to see larger image:

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2 Responses to New tripod and lens

  1. y says:

    Nice shot. Did you PP to add some grayscale to the sky? I too used a Minolta 50mm F1.7 prime for the first ten year since I was into photography. It is still the sweetest lens I owned. The Man tripods have some models on sale here in HK.Nevin

  2. Domhnall says:

    Hi Nevin. It is a HDR composite from 3 exposures. There is a slight vignette added in software too, which unfortunately looks a bit overdone on the right. I also desaturated the whole image – the true colours were very warm and it looks much older and more delapidated with the desaturation, which is how I saw the image in my mind\’s eye!

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