‘Tis a wild world up here in FNQ…these signs are everywhere near estuarine waters (click on pic to see full size):

and wandering through jungles, you gotta watch out for things like this 10 inch leg span Golden Orb Spider (The big momma spider’s abdomen is almost the size of my palm…if you look close, you might see lots of little male spiders on the web. These are the size of normal house spiders, and will get eaten when they successfully mate!):


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One Response to Beasties

  1. Eithne says:

    Domhnall, A quick hello to wish you a happy birthday , I guess it`s over. Great to see your photos of Cormac, not so sure about the spiders.We are heading off in a minute to Mayo for two weeks. Love to all! Eithne

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