You think adult jetlag is bad…

Try the baby version. 1am – bing – wide awake, requires playing with…for 2 1/2 hours! Then, up every hour or so for cuddles, feeds, play… basically, Cormac thinks daytime starts at 1am. Not much fun! So, if you are on SKYPE any time in the next few days at 1-3am AEST, see if I am online!

Some pics in the new album to the right. There will be more snapshot-type ones and people shots soon, once I have processed them, and downloaded from my phone and Gill’s camera too – so Nevin, don’t worry, there will be some of Gill!!! If you would like to see higher res shots some of them have made it onto , my photography site, and as always, you can purchase a print or high res file by sending me a message. If you are special, and I am generous, I may even just give you one for nowt!!!

Went for a ride along the Yarra today – Gill with Chariot in tow on the bike paths, and me on the mountain bike on a series of parallel singletracks. Tonight, we are doing Course family catch up, minus uncle Phil who perhaps has swine flu, and so I will miss the first Lions Test. I hope the Lions ROAR!


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2 Responses to You think adult jetlag is bad…

  1. Glynn says:

    You didn\’t miss much in the first test, but hope you got to see the second test! I was shouting at the TV like a looney – those SA thugs! Thrilled the bullies are getting match bans, but oh so close! Best of luck in the trip up to Cairns, loving the photos!

  2. y says:

    Okay, I saw hers. But I\’ve chnaged my mind. Cormac is as handsome as his dad, who was referred to as the handsome Irish doctor in one of the old letters. Will I be offensive to anyone by saying that Cormac is unequaled in the double-baby shot in terms of his handsome face? I prefer the dad plus baby or simply the baby photos, not least after I\’ve got Gill\’s second snail mail (in what? ten years?) saying that she laughed about the idea of putting more of her photos here.Now a reminder is: when our boys were small, we left the crying boys alone in bed for an hour or two and then they stopped the trick obviously because they knew that it didn\’t work. Gill wrote the babies were very adaptive. Very well said. Do practise the belief.

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