Bruny with Claire and Camping with Cormac [Bluetongue link repaired]

Had a lovely weekend with Claire Cardwell on Bruny Island – bit of walking, bit of hunter-gatherer activity (attempted abalone – too much chop and kelp on this occasion, but snagged some monster oysters and a fish or two [tiny]) some kayaking and some wining and dining. Claire has put up a selection of pictures on Facebook, which you can view in an album entitled "Hobart" if you are on there. my best shot from the weekend was this one of a Bluetongue Lizard which took me about 50 shots to get – timing it for his tongue flick was a challenge!

Cormac just had his first stern bushwalking test as well – a tough overnight walk from Mystery Creek up onto Moonlight Ridge and Creek in the Southwest Wilderness. He loved it, we think! he either slept in the baby Bjorn, or looked around wide eyed and happy! We had our best night’s sleep yet in the tent, he was a gem! Born to it, you might say!

I borrowed the pic below of Big Mac smiling from Claire’s Facebook shots – thanks Claire!


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