New deck!

A few more pics of Cormac in an album to the right. Some on his own, then having a feed on his first bushwalk with Gill, being held by Grandma Course (Sue), Josie Gunner, his aunt Di, his cousins Alex and Mel, and by me and Gill. Can’t wait to add a few Brannigan clan shots to the mix in April. Really miss home right now!!!

The photo attached below is the view from our new deck that I am almost finished building, with Mt Wellington and the O-Pipes in the background. It shows a little of why we are down here in Tassie despite the "other side of the world" factor.


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One Response to New deck!

  1. y says:

    Look forward to test your camera on this deck one day. Cormac is a handsome boy, as commented by the ladies around (Florence and Mum). He has Gill\’s eyes. Love from Nevin.

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