Cormac Laurie Brannigan was born at 4:40pm AEST on the 9th of January in Hobart. He and Gill are well and beautiful. I am all emotional! Amazing experience…bit lost for words. Pictures in an album to the right. I am a Dad! We are a family!

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8 Responses to Cormac

  1. Eithne says:

    Congratulations Domhnall & Gill,Cormac is very welcome, delighted to hear the great news, his photos are wonderful, take care all of you, love Eithne.

  2. Carol says:

    Congratulations Domhnall and Gill, he\’s beautiful! Nick\’s at work so we\’ll call when he gets home. Love Carol 😀

  3. Domhnall says:

    Thanks Eithne and Carol! He is lovely!

  4. Anna says:

    Wow – gorgeous photos Domhnall. Congrats to you and Gill! Love Anna Bamford

  5. y says:

    We are all looking forward to seeing pictures of a rock-climbing Cormac before he is one 🙂 His facial expression looks more like Gill\’s. The hairline is definitely from your genes, haha. A handsome boy he is.Congrats to both of you again! [Instead of the bouquet, we will send something for him when we find one.]Nevin and Florence

  6. claire says:

    Hi Domhnall, your cousin Claire here back in Ireland. Mum told me the great news yesterday and I managed to track down your blog. Cormac looks absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to you and Gill and hope you are all keeping well (and not having too many sleepless nights!)

  7. Domhnall says:

    Thanks Claire! Heard you did a marathon recently – fantastic stuff. Hey this whole parenting thing is amazing…it\’s like someone flipped a switch! Love D

  8. natasha says:

    hurrah- the boy arrives! The photos are fab, Cormac is a great choice and it all looks like family bliss….!!!!! Welcome to the world of parenting- its a bumpy ride with highs and lows but you\’ll never want to change it! Love Tasha, Richard, Abbie and Maddy xxxPS Gill- you are no longer fat! Abbie said you must be surprised it was a baby after all!

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