Was a touch disappointing for me. Gill finished, but I missed three stages including the best ones, because I sprained my ankle on stage 3 and couldn’t clip in or out of my pedals, so missed a day and a half of riding. The consensus for Gill and I was, good event, good rides, but we are not racers, and the frustrations of dealing with congestion and lack of clear runs at the best technical bits makes it a bit frustrating ultimately…anyway, good fun mostly, enjoy the pics to the right!PA170012Wildside '08 036Wildside '08 098Wildside '08 100

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Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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3 Responses to Wildside

  1. y says:

    I like the picture of you in raincoat, Domhnall.  You look like a fearful serial killer.

  2. y says:

    I like the picture of you in raincoat, Domhnall.  You look like a fearful serial killer.

  3. y says:

    Now, this is to Gill.
    First up, I have checked out some of the album here for quite a while for photos of you with the medals until finally I doubted that I could be one of the people you duped to visit the blog to make the number in the hit counter up.  I just wonder how love can turn anyone to become so irresponsible.
    …just kidding.
    Second, I need the photos of you + Mr "tall handsome Irish doctor" (I will continue to use this term invented by Gill.  How apt this description is! … No, this is no silly schoolyard taunt) visiting HK to prove that you really did stay here last year.  When you have time, please email me them.
    Third, I saw most of the bike racing photos. In some the photos the sequence of your cycling motion is so in order (not a frame missing) that I can imagine how you all slowed down along the route and let someone take photos of you all pretending to whiz past during the race.  No wonder that even you Gill couldn\’t catch up.  But I can see that you all have great fun there!

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