Arapiles and the Grampians

Just got back from ten days in Victoria. Caught up with Catherine in Melbourne, which was great, and also got to see Sarah and Becky there, which was a nice bonus! ( I haven’t seen Becky in five or six years!)
Arapiles was good, my climbing wasn’t. Andrew Peacock came down too with his mate Henri (or not henri?) so they did some hard stuff while Gill got some leading practice in and we did some multipitches and stuff…you know, the classics! Anyway….we decamped to the Grampians half way through, due to Pines fever….the Grampians is great! Can’t believe we drove past them last year without so much as a sideways glance! The tick list runs like this (KEY: s= I seconded, L= I led, TR= toprope, alt leads= alternate leads):
Grampians (Summerday Valley)
  • Overkill 17 L
  • Tootsie Direct 22 TR
  • De Blanc 12 s
  • Texas Radio and the Big Beat 17 L
  • Waxman 11 s

Grampians (Bundaleer)

  • Scarab 12 alt leads w Gill
  • Blimp 20 TR
  • Lunging for Melons 23 TR (close but no cigar)
Grampians (Mt Stapylton)
  • Trident 14 L
  • Didgeridoo 11 s
  • Toccata 14 L
  • Tannin 19 s
  • Muldoon 13
  • Chinese Algebra 21 TR
  • Happy Balance 21 TR with rest
  • Rock Soff 13 L
  • Trapeze 11 L
  • Swinging 17 L
  • Syrinx 10 alt leads w Gill
  • Skink 18 alt leads w Henri
  • Mullumbimby Madness 15 L

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One Response to Arapiles and the Grampians

  1. Hanne-Mari says:

    You\’ve been near us!! Our log cabin is in Dunkeld, the gateway to the grampians. Next time drop in for a sauna! 🙂

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