Of Princesses and pees

Just felt the need to mention a few things…I, a lowly commoner, have worn the very wetsuit, THE VERY WETSUIT previously worn by Prince Frederik of Denmark when he and the missus (Princess Mary of Denmark, AKA Mary from Tassie) were over here last visiting the rellies. I urinated in the very same neoprene that he did…hows that for headline grabbing stuff? Sounds like a story for "A Current Affair" if ever I heard one.
The abalone we snaffled were pretty good too. Thanks Stuart and Danika (and the boys at the Fudge factory (HIBA – Tassie fudge, hand made on Bruny Island, yum!)
Been gardening a bit – strimming weed forests and killing stuff so we can start afresh. Getting fired up about building deck too.
Federation peak ascent planned for early November. Melbourne trip for Festival etc coming up soon, then Arapiles in late November. Climbing Mount Aspiring in NZ in February. Start my Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine job in January, and will be heading off somewhere in tropical Oz for a course during that.
First Rottnest Swim paper finally in print in the Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal – abstract here
Thats all for now…busy few months ahead!!!

About dreapadoir

Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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