My Birthday, and other events

Had a nice couple of days on 13th and 14th. Mum called early on the 13th, and then I went climbing  at Waterworks Quarry with Nick and Keith, and led a couple of bolted chameleon routes (you know the sort – grade and moves change every time you do ’em) including a 21 which is probably now a 22 due to my removal of some holds…Then went for a mountain bike ride with the same crew plus wee Jen on her new Scott Spark (the full suss version of my Scale), and after putting in the hard yards slogging uphill to Ferntree, I discovered that my brakes had died, and I needed new pads – the alarming scraping of piston on rotor persuaded me to avoid any techy downhill and I limped home on the fronts. Next up, a night walk with Marls replacing Jen, from the Springs up the Ice-house track to the summit of Mt Wellie and down Zig-Zag through lots of crunchy snow, with beautiful city views and a thermos of hot tea…yum. Then Gillo came home, and gave me lots of presents!!! Yesterday, the burfday, was fun too – sleep in, coffee at the foodstore, swung by CYCLINGO to sort my brakes out, had a chat with John, learned some pro tricks for brake tuning, sauntered home, put a new riser bar on my bike, then went for a climb with Gill at the indoor wall, followed by pub and Scrabble. The only spoiler was that Gill was on call, so got dragged in to work mid game, which was a bit crap.

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