Mountain biking heaven

Just back to work (BOO!) from a few days mountain biking (YAY!!) in the northeast of the state. First day, went to the much vaunted "Bay of Fires," Binalong Bay, etc…very nice, in a car-camping, holiday-with-the-kids-and-dog kind of way, but then, we moved on to the Blue Tier. Partly by recommendation, and partly by serendipity, we found the abandoned mining settlement of Poimena, high and deep in the Blue Tier. We had heard of the Weldborough descent, a 15km rollercoaster down to the Weldborough Hotel, and had planned to do it. However, the first day there, we decided to follow a few walking trail loops on the bikes, and discovered some amazing, technical cross country rides. We camped the night there after the obligatory Scrabble by the woodfire session and a few glasses of port. Next morning was frosty and clear, and the downhill to Weldborough beckoned. An amazing 45km ride, with a 10km epic getting lost detour, followed by the punishment of climbing back to the car, and narrowly escaping a sidewall blowout, with the bizarre interlude of Weldborough Hotel’s "hospitality" filled the day to the brim. That night, we drove to Picaninny Point, and experienced the woodfired outdoor bath there by full moonlight…the luxury of simple life done well… Here are a couple of recent shots – one from a day at the MTB park with Sandi and Rhys, and one with me grinning in Poimena having just come down a great single track descent…

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