Work and play

Walked in to Pine Valley and the Acropolis in crunchy winter conditions on the weekend – great three-day walk starting from the Lake St Clair end of the Overland Track. Always nice to get high, especially on perfect crispy winter days.
Last night, picked up our new desk from Officeworks and spent the rest of the night building the damn thing – overcomplicated flat-packed thing!  This morning, Gill, Jo and I kayaked down the Derwent to work in the predawn, which was EARLY for me…but thermos coffee on the wharf after helped with that!!! In work, doing some tedious admin stuff that Tony has just plopped on my desk. I expect catatonic levels of boredom to ensue….oh well!

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One Response to Work and play

  1. Unknown says:

    damn those pictures look cold!  We could do with some of that snow across the other side of the tasman!

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