Home from home

Mel looked after the house really well while we were away – sparkly clean, and lots of wood left over! Already been DIY-ing since we got home! painted the little back porch thingy, which was sort of wasted space as it was, and put up some corkboards, and it is now [fanfare] an office/study – we swooped in in true Domhnall and Gill style and bought a desk straight away too, plus some intrays! Wow, organised eh? Remains to be seen! Also put up some old IKEA shelves of Gill’s in the living/dining room, where this computer lived before it got its NEW OFFICE, and finally got the stereo up and active, and it looks great. Got in a quick mountain bike ride yesterday [COLD!!!], then had a roast leg of lamb done on the barbecue (note to the Irish: it was about 4 degrees in the middle of winter, but the barbie is still a great way to do a roast!) last night – Rhys and Sandi came over with Josie [she is calling me Domhnall now rather than Donut – this is a positive development – same cannot be said for Rhys however] and Jen and Keith before they head off to Bonnie Scotland for a month.

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Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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