no broadband on the mountain!!!

Hmmm…it seems no broadband for South Hobart…too much splitting of the copper, or some such excuse…oh well. Good few weeks – lake Rhona trip was good – see Carole’s site for photos and summary. I am now an ICU registrar…sudden bombardment with Cardiac indices, SVRI’s, ITBI’s, SIMV and PEEp…but I am getting the hang of it. HATE ward rounds though – dunno how you medical docs handle it – so boring! It has confirmed one thing though – we work far harder in ED than any of the other crit care specialities or medical specialities! It is so cruisey 90% of the time….can’t believe I actually get lunch breaks – amazing! The 13 hour shifts are a killer though.
Been working lots on the house – built benches out the back after sorting out the patio, and they are great! Lovely hardwood. It inspires me…have the tools, there is no stopping me! I bought some Huon Pine offcuts last weekend and am going to make a coffee table with an inlaid chess set. Floors look great sanded too. All very domestique! Still, won’t be overdoing the domesticity – I am born to wander! So, will be in France from start of June, then Ireland for a couple of weeks, to show Gill my mountains, and meet lots of you!!!

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