Life goes on…

As a result of recent negative feedback regarding the currency and frequency of blog updating on my part, Hello!!! I have been busy, and have had no internet access from home for some time. Had 2 weeks in NZ. Good riding, good to see some old mates, Glynn and Paddy, and Grazza, and meet some new ones – Steve and Cristy. Moved house on coming back, and have been busy with that, including some little building projects in the back yard….more to come.
Carole is here at the moment, which is cool, so have been doing bits and pieces of climbing – Hillwood, Cataract Gorge, Freuhauf Quarry, Coningham crag, etc, and an aborted attempt at an Organ Pipes route – damn unstable weather! Have moved to a new ED as well – brand spanking new facilities but chaos!!! Plan for this week is – more house stuff (have had to buy "white goods" and tools [fun!] and cement and all sorts of grown up stuff) including getting the floors sanded back, finishing my patio off, and patching the retaining wall on the garden and repainting it.
Then, next weekend, if the Roaring Forties permit (its getting late in the year) a crew of us are going to attempt the Geryon and Acropolis traverse in a day – a very big, long, day! Should involve me, Gill, Carole, Nick, Marls, the Kippax, and Keith. Jo Kippax’s Dad may have been the first to do the Geryon traverse back in "the day" so that will be an interesting angle.
Disappointed about the Six Nations – we really should have won it, but roll on the world cup. What about Ireland in the cricket though? Crushing Pakistan. So much for Ricky Ponting’s views about cricket "minnows!"
Anyway….will get round to photos when broadband is up and running…til then, see you soon – in JUNE!!!!

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