Frenchman’s Cap

I love Tassie!!! Just did the best and toughest walk I have ever done with Gill over the last 4 days. We walked from Nelson Falls across the Raglan Range and Mary Creek Plain to camp on the first day. A leechy night there, followed by a bush-bashing scrub-thrashing day across the Irenabyss Ridge to Irenabyss on the Franklin River. We then made the first ever inflatable Homer Simpson assisted crossing of the Franklin and camped on the south bank. Next morning, a steep climb out followed by a stunning day across beautiful Alpine ridges to Frenchman’s Cap, an awesome peak. From the summit, we descended to Lake Tahune, for a swim in what must be one of the most dramatic tarns in the world, and then a long descent through stunning rainforest to Lake Vera hut for another snooze. Last day involved the infamous sodden Loddon plain, which was not too bad, and a bike ride back to the car from where we had hidden our roadies. There were moments when I swore to myself I would never leave a track again. there were moments where I contemplated lying down and giving up, and there were moments when brown silty water from a muddy bootprint was the best drink in the world. But all in all, it was a walk with moments of the sublime, and an amazing experience…will add some pics when I can.

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