Start as you mean to continue!

Hey all! Happy New Year – I am sorry I have been a lazy blogger (but I’m not the only one!). Have had a great month – fun climbing at various venues, with some fantastic routes (Organ Pipes, Rocky Tom, Hillwood, the Moai etc) with Gill, Jo, Nick, Marls and Steve at various times. Great Christmas with Gill’s family and then the Cardwell clan in Melbourne (but as always at this time, missed home a lot!). Have climbed outdoors six out of the last seven days, which has been fantastic – an O-Pipes day (Blue Meridian 17), then two days at Hillwood clipping shiny bolts and climbing the hides of sleeping Dinosaurs, then a kayak/climbing tour of Fortescue bay including another ascent of the Moai with Jo and Gill, lots of cool kayaking and exploring future climbing potential, and some dive-bombing, plus mock-attacks by large sea lions and a close up look at the Totem pole and the Candlestick. "Rest day" involved a three hour road ride with Gill and Fiona. Then yesterday, a fab hot day, I did Jelly Roll/Black Magic (17/18) on the O-Pipes with Nick, followed by about 8km of sea-level-traversing/deep-water-soloing/swimming from Taroona to tinderbox with Phil and Gill and Marls. Today, I am back at work, shattered, bruised, sunburnt, scratched but happy!!! Next stop – NZ in acouple of weeks, to see Glynn and Paddy, and Graeme, andsome friends of Gill’s for more outdoor adventures….

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