Pinch and a Punch

For the first of the month!!! Been here for two months now, and it seems like yesterday I left, and yet it seems I have been here for ages – I feel like I belong!
Gill and I cycled up Mount Wellie today – I was doing really well for the first two thirds, feeling strong, good rhythm, and then, I bonked! I cramped up in muscles I didn’t know existed. The road climbs just under 1300 metres in less than 20km, and it gets really tough to keep spinning after about the 800m mark (just under the Organ Pipes, in fact) especially when my gearing is very much set up for the flat. Gotta get myself a 26 on my cassette! I am sure my complaining was very annoying…I needed a good moan to keep me going! Anyway, I eventually made it, the view is well worth it, and the descent is fast and fun! Neil – I am remembering to breathe! – I am getting better on the hills (there is no choice here!!!)

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One Response to Pinch and a Punch

  1. Cliona says:

    D the activity levels are rising to disturbing heights-we won\’t recognise you whenever we see you again-you\’ll be fecking Lance Armstrong or someone!!! Glad life treating you so well. Not going so bad myself these days-still enjoying planning next year (keep changing mind what to do!) and this hol is def re-enforcing that it was right time to take a break! The old world map is coming in very handy! Take care. CK 😉

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