Battle Cruiser 18, 18, 8 (The Organ Pipes)

In the middle of my run of night shifts, Nick Watkins persuades me that a quick route on the Organ Pipes after work and before sleep is a good idea…mental note: there is no such thing as a "quick route" up there! It was a beautiful day today, and we thought we’d be off the crag and I’d be in bed by 1pm for a sleep before coming back for another dose of nightshift. The route has two brilliant pitches, with a grade of 18 (probably Fairhead E2 5b) and one scrappy topout pitch. We had the old guide book, which failed to mention the bolted abseils from the top of the second pitch. Instead, we spent 3 hours thrashing around in spiky impenetrable bush, eventually finding a couple of bolts to ab off…then after two long abseils, they ran out! We abbed off a precarious block, and Nick trundled a big loose block down the line, which chopped one of his ropes in three bits! I finally crawled into my scratcher at 4pm after a fab moules frites lunch – thanks Gill!!! And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a panorama from the top of Mount Wellington: it has to be one of the best views from any crag anywhere!

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5 Responses to Battle Cruiser 18, 18, 8 (The Organ Pipes)

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