Blast from the past – Frisky Whiskey

Just found these old photos from 2001, the last time I was as scrawny as I am now, when I did the first ascent of this neat little variation on Bushmills E1 5b (Aus 18). Called it Frisky Whiskey, and gave it E3 6a (about Aus 22) at the time. In retrospect, it was more like E2 6a (about Aus 21). Never did hear if anyone else has led it since…probably not, but it is a pity, as it has good climbing! Not as good as Tasmanian Devil E2 6a (Aus 21/22) that I did this summer, which I really hope gets a repeat, but fun none the less…

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One Response to Blast from the past – Frisky Whiskey

  1. Cliona says:

    Tassie sounds and looks great so far D! Glad to hear you\’re finally doing a little bit of work! Will leave T to tell you his news himself-if he is ready and hasn\’t changed his mind yet!!! Take care. 😉

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