Van Dieman’s Land

What an enormously stressful last week…VISA stuff…5 days til I leave, and still not sure if they will let me in. Got scary emails saying that there were lots of things missing form my application, when all things mentioned were sent over a month ago! In addition, the Tassie Medical Board is SO finickity. Anyway, the details are just depressing. Suffice to say, I am going anyway. Melbourne about 7pm on 28th September, the Hobart at about 2pm on the 30th. Can’t wait! 
"Hold me now, oh hold me now, til this hour has gone around, and I’m gone, on the risin’ tide, for to face, Van Dieman’s Land…."

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2 Responses to Van Dieman’s Land

  1. Eithne says:

     Have a safe journey, look forward to hearing about your new life
     Take Care,

  2. Domhnall says:

    Thanks Eithne! Love D

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