Great weekend in the Burren climbing seacliff limestone. Links to some of the Galway guys’ photos from the weekend here (the last four entries in the news section are about the weekend just past – ie: Diarmuid’s new (?) route, Michael Reardon’s visit, New Doolin problems, and the "photo report 28/05/06" bit (photo of me and Eoin after surviving Garbh in this section), plus a selection of old Ailladie photos here. A couple of humbling falls, some lost skin seconding the aprropriately named "Garbh" E2 5b (Irish for "rough") and finally did "Pis Fliuch" HVS 5a (classic HVS of the crag, and one of the best anywhere) and "Jug City" VS 4c. Fell off "Spitfire" E1 5b which was annoying, getting disproportionately terrified for no apparent reason, did a few other things…anyway, photos to follow, and Pembroke in Wales for the long weekend coming up! Also met this guy (Michael Reardon), which was interesting – a crazy californian soloist who flamboyantly soloed routes up to E5 with obedient photographer in tow…it was all very odd, but amazing to watch…

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