If anyone is still out there, let me fill you in… I am a bad blogger, I know! I am sure I have lost whatever audience I had…also forgive the lack of photos. No excuse. Will try and fix. 
Been a tumultuous month…lots going on, lots of change, lots of decisions…fixing me!
Anyway, in simple terms (because I really don’t want to hang the complex things out):
I am just back from three weeks in France: Ten days climbing in the Gorges du Tarn with John, Eoin, Al, Carole, and Dawid – great spot, better for those climbing 7a and above (ie better than me) but still a good trip! The food, the wine, the craic, the rock, the quintessential contrariness of it all… I love France!!!
Then: caught up with the artist formerly known as the Messiah (Nick plus biblical coiffure) in Marseille, and spent a day or two with Faith and Paul (class friend and her hubby-to-be) being entertained by their search for the perfect place to get hitched in Provence. Managed to see Caroline (French girl who spent a year on exchange in our class) and her husband and baby too. Then hiked the Verdon Gorge in both directions, and paddled it in cool canoe/raft thingies – loads of fun – much better than standard whitewater rafting.
And now, back in the land of Oompah-Loompah tans, dirty streets, good pubs, horrible traffic, (Dublin) and quite looking forward to heading home and seeing the folks. Plans for the future are hatching…

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