Eimear’s wedding

Having some trouble adding photos for some reason – only one has worked! Bear with me and I will sort it out…anyway, it was a lovely day, and yes, I cried doing the father of the bride speech on behalf of Dad (Eimear made me – she looked up at me, crying herself when I said she was beautiful). But a lovely simple service and a good "knees up" after…

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Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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3 Responses to Eimear’s wedding

  1. Glynn says:

    Sounds like you had a great day – hope everything went well there. Weather is getting a bit crap here, so Winter is on the way – have tingling fingers when I think of you heading out to Mournes rock!! Take care lad!

  2. Domhnall says:

    Glynn, it has pissed rain since I got here..there hasn\’t been a hint of Mournes Rock! Had a quick trip over to grit, and I am weak as… have to climb a lot in the next few weeks – we are going to gorges du tarn, and there ain\’t much below 6c! I am fat and unfit! trying to get out on the bike and run a bit too, but its a struggle to leave the house without a life jacket

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