What a day!

Huge day at the Rottnest Swim. Couple of things stand out – amazing numbers of people finish profoundly hypothermic. One full cardiac arrest, intubated, ventilated, and airlifted, along with a near drowning and a propeller injury. Crazy busy. My mate Pat finished in just over 9 (yep, NINE!) hours, and was pretty well, so that was fab. But, they are ALL crazy. It is a supreme feat of endurance and a test of the human body. I am incredulous and awed and dubious about it, all at once. Hope the arrest guy makes it. We got him back to ROSC after lots of CPR and BVM and adrenaline. We shall see… Now, gotta tie up some loose ends, and head home. Excited, anxious and sad all at once. It has been a great few years, with a few blips, and a great last month… Looking forward to some long, cool walks in the hills, and a pint or two of the black stuff (a pint o’ plain is yer only man) and maybe even a hot whiskey or two by an open fire, with good company. Perth is great, but it is, ultimately, too flat for me. I will hold my friends from here close to my heart though – I will miss you guys – you know who you are! Until the next time, wherever and whenever it may be (soon, with snow and soaring peaks involved, if all is as I hope!)

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Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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