Today, “The Force” will be unleashed!

I am having real trouble getting photos to upload today… have lots of nice pics from a weekend at Willyabrup and Moses Rocks with Garth and Jo, but they won’t load! Anyway, I was climbing well and loving it – even flashed a 21, a 19 and an 18 (Sort of bold but not too hard E3 down to hard E1 range).

Mentally I am now already on the plane home, and if it wasn’t for the Rottnest Swim study, I would be. I can’t really concentrate on travelling because I have the study looming, and it will throw up unexpected things I will need to be here for, and so I am kind of wasting a few days. Have been reading lots of books about explorers recently and I am feeling inspired to really work on the Expedition Medicine thing when I get home.

Extricating yourself from three and a half years of life is no small thing, and is an interesting and ultimately probably healthy thing to do from time to time. Makes you assess priorities, look at where you are, what you want, and gives clarity to emotion. It is like packing a bag to travel in some ways, when you only have a 20kg limit! Some things must be left behind, and the cull and the purge are good, because we all carry more than we need and sometimes we carry the wrong things…so I am bringing home lots of hope and love and ideas and dreams – I am sure they are the right things!!! I have high hopes for 2006 and beyond… just my thoughts on a hot and steamy Saturday in Perth…am now trying to find someone with free time who might want to watch the first Western Force rugby game…


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