Patient of the day!!!

Today, I met the man I want to be when I am 96 (is that wishful thinking?). He is fit and well (citing moderation in all things, clean living and love as his secrets of eternal youth!) but ended up a patient in the ED because he had asked a young aboriginal girl not to swear in front of his wife. The girl went crazy, hurled racial abuse, and hit him with a bottle in the face. He warned her not to lay a hand on him or she would regret it, and she hit him again with the bottle, so he pushed her over down a hill! She came at him again, throwing two bricks at him, which he deflected, bruising his arms. He then, with the help of two passers-by, restrained her until the police came and arrested her! He was fine, and I had a great chat with him. I asked our physio to assess him for safety to send home, and he danced a waltz with her around the department. We got on like a house on fire. He is my hero!

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