Summer is here

With a vengeance – 34 degrees today! Had a "goodbye" bike ride this morning for Graeme, who is heading to Timaru (?sp.) in the land of the long white cloud tomorrow. Unfortunately, since he spent a day last week on the trauma table in the ED after landing headfirst off his mountainbike from 3m, his AC joint and back were not up to it, so he met us for coffee after. Had a quick swim at Cott, and picked up my mystery parcel – I know one of the contents, but from the weight of it, I suspect I have been told a white lie and a surprise awaits me – exciting!… I am off home to confirm… Yesterday went with Richie for a climb at Churchman’s Brook, which was hot and dry and reddusty, with reptilian onlookers (couple of photos opposite)… we climbed, well, badly, if truth be told. Going back to West Cape Howe with Pat this weekend. Can’t wait!

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One Response to Summer is here

  1. Gregory says:

    I like blog and I wish I could go there!

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