Varnishing Wisdom

A direct quote from a book I am reading on making strip-plank kayaks (hilarious – a whole new meaning to watching paint dry…) – "There are some parallels between varnishing and human relationships that are worth noting. Both begin with the definition of perfection, a definition that is, one would hope, somewhat flexible. Between people, or varnish, and your expectations, are many variables that are not easy to control. There will be flaws that you will have to decide what to do with. you must, at some stage, realize whether or not there is enough beauty yet to be revealed that is worth your effort. Ultimately, you will have to accept…imperfections, but this doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards. BOATS AND RELATIONSHIPS WORK BEST WHEN YOU CAN LOOK PAST THE THINGS YOU WISH WERE DIFFERENT, AND APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY AND INTEGRITY THAT FIRST ATTRACTED YOU. The odds of success for either improve with patience and thoughtful preparation. In spite of this, BOTH RELATIONSHIPS AND VARNISH CAN BE MORE SATISFYING THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!" Can’t say I agree with all the details, but I enjoy the analogy!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Hola. The quote reminds me a bit of a quote from milan kundera\’s little book of something and forgetting [i forget the name, and i\’m not a big kundera fan]. It analyses a man\’s gaze at a woman and says that it is like a hammer looking at a nail. However it says that the "victim", for want of a better word, is not the woman/nail. He comes to this conclusion with the thinking that only the nail itself knows exactly the best way it should be struck, and not the approximate way in which the hammer mostly hits it. In a comparable way, only the woman herself really knows how she should be used/treated to best effect, and therefore comes out "on top" in the exchange [if leering at a woman really is an exchange!]. Different points, but the crossover of DIY and relationship psychology is a common theme. -I have a really great book for you, especially you, to read – a must read – Fools Rush In, by Bill Carter.

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