Plain Sailing

I may be jinxing the thing here, but the last two shifts have been the cruisiest in living memory – fighting for patients, we are! Got a few days off coming up – going for a ride tomorrow stupidly early, climbing in the evening, then a round of golf on tuesday morning, and will work on the whole license thing and my ethics application for the Rottnest study for my 4.10. wednesday morning teaching, and climbing again wednesday night. Will try and squeeze in a sail and a game of tennis too. Jason Scop has just read this over my shoulder and assured me that this will not jinx our quiet lttle day. God is with us – at least his is!

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One Response to Plain Sailing

  1. Glynn says:

    Golf? What, are you kidding me? Just as well you\’re heading back in February so someone can beat the crap out of you in to your senses!!!! Hope all is well mate, and will be in touch soon.

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