Life goes on…

So after a wonderful week with beautiful company, am back to Earth with a bump. I am really happy in myself, almost content, and really the only hindrances to that are logistics…why do I continue to be where I am when my heart is already home? A sense of finishing the job, I suppose, a sense of not letting people down, and doing the right thing. Also, some day I want to come back to Perth – or at least to Western Australia. Spent a great day out on the Swan River in Ben’s "homemade" Windrush/Hobie catamaran yesterday, with him and Polly the salty-sea-dog (soggy doggy) and the close proximity of dolphins. Sailed from Nedlands to a wee coffee shop on the bank at UWA, then all the way downriver to Fremantle, where we had lunch at the Left Bank before a relaxing goosewinging run all the way back upriver (tide-assisted) to Nedlands. Felt much better after that, even though all my thoughts were of someone who wasn’t there.
The next few months will be…interesting…I will be calendar watching, but I have some fun stuff coming up, so I will have little things to look forward to so that the end of February does not seem too far away. I don’t know what coming home will be like in many ways, and it does scare me a little – I guess because professionally I am now "based" in Australia, the career uncertainties are increased rather than decreased by going home (I just have to be awkward, eh?) – but I do know there will be love…like a certain boomerang, I am guaranteed to return!!!

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