Yosemite two years ago…to remind and inspire me

So, the trip is winding down...only three climbing days left, before I head to Vancouver for the hitching of Becs and Conor...may get some climbing done after that too, but BC is having some problems with climbing restrictions due to fire risk at the moment, so it is not clear...however, Becs, I am definitely up for Angel's Crest if we can squeeze it in! Regardless, the whole ten days up there are gonna be a crazy kind of fun!!!

Yosemite has been great. Living in the dustbowl of Camp 4 with squirrels and stellar jays stealing our food, real climbers all around, big wall men mumbling in torn trousers and bad hawaiian shirts, history dripping from the leaky taps in the dirty restrooms, and greasing up the holds of the boulder problems, midnight lightning standing like a proud challenge to the egos of all, and the looming walls all around blocking out dawn and dusk...Harding, Bridwell, Kauk, Bachar, Potter, Lynn Hill, Houlding, the Huber brothers...all have climbed here, and left more of a mark than I ever will, their names carved forever in the towering granite of their creations and their acheivements...The Nose...the Regular Northwest Face...Snake Dyke...Midnight Lightning...the Nose free in a day...El Nino...Freerider...Zodiac...the Pacific Ocean wall...the rostrum...El capitan...Half Dome...Lost Arrow Spire...the Valley resonates with the creations (or should that be interpretations, for the formations themselves are more magnificent than we ants who crawl across them) of these masters of rock...

So, I have climbed few of these. But I have dreamed them all.

Snake dyke is outstanding. I agree with Leo Houlding here - the best VS in the world (granted he did it solo by moonlight, but still). A ridiculously easy route for the improbable face it ascends. Wonderful holds, and just enough bolts so that you never feel too comfortable...keeps your mind on the job!!

I cannot imagine not coming here again. I have to believe that some day I will climb well enough to do the Nose, Astroman, things like that, but I have touched the rock, and it has touched me back...the soaring granite of the valley will always have a hold on me...even when I cannot find a hold on it...

I will miss torchlit chess, siestas in Camp four, swimming in the Merced, hot granite, cool granite, thunderstorms from afar, handcracks, believe it or not, religious radio stations, country and western (laughs can come from anywhere), climbing, and social climbing (Kim and Josie and Patrick, some wonderful climbers we knew for just a day who I wish I could get to know better), stars and more stars, Mars and moonlight, cold early mornings, hot afternoons, big walls of the valley, big skies of Tuolumne, big hearts of Nick and Carol, big roads that go for miles, big meals with lots of broccoli,  Eoin's orange trousers, funny poems, and his climbing partnership, John's calmness and unflappability, Tadhg's sense of humour, and his sense of sordid much like my own, I cannot wait to climb with all these guys again (they may have something to say about that!!). The next six months off is forming in my mind...everyone should do it...and as someone once said, everyone should go to Yosemite at least once. If God is up there, he is a granite climber, and if Snake Dyke is anything to go by, he is a VS leader.


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