Ed Schaffer Rocks!

Went out to hear Ed (nurse from work) play a gig at Mojo’s last night. Incredible talent…songs full of wit and wisdom. Especially the "Anticholinergic Daddy" song! Great crew from work out. Tubed a huge carbemazepine and quetiapine OD yesterday…other than that work has been fairly humdrum but at least not too stressful for a while. I am so looking forward to a bit of downtime in a couple of weeks, a bit of fresh air, a bit of ocean and mountain…do I sound like a stuck record? Maybe that is because I am! Garth still off gallivanting (?sp.) at the daylight robbery job in Kalgoorlie, then he goes to Europe for 5 weeks this weekend, git! I might just have to have a housewarming without him…

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Emergency Physician, author of http://underneathEM.com Emergency Medicine blog, photographer at http://www.dreapadoir.com
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