in status quo, but change on the horizon…

We have furniture! A great couch that is VERY hard to get up from, an outdoor table and chairs, and the crowning glory; a washing machine! I am verging on a codeine addiction because of my cough STILL persisting (Garth has it too – share the pain, share the love!). I bought a 20GB Creative Zen which I love (if only for the"mesmerising blue glow" ). Music was never so easy – CD is GONE the way of the LP!!! Study is…hmm, suboptimal, and less than three weeks to go now. Haven’t even booked my Melbourne flight yet. Looking forward to post exam fun over there, and hopefully catching up with the various Cardwells. Can’t wait for my post-exam visitors back in Perth…planning all sorts of fun and frolics…

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2 Responses to in status quo, but change on the horizon…

  1. Unknown says:

    I was truly wasting time last night watching the beginning of Mission Impossible II – seeing thon Cruise man climbing moutains with his bare hands caused two reactions:1. I\’m sure Domhnall would be at least annoyed at the portrayal of mountain climbing.2. Scared into my usual vertigo, so perhaps Tom was doing a service to mountaineering.I think I prefer the Sea, as depicted, but where it is I don\’t know. Or perhaps to make a tenuous connection, I prefer the couch which is where I came in.I don\’t know how to sign off – I have never been part of a blogg before.Take Care Domhnall, and belated birthday greetings.Patrick B (Co Down)

  2. Domhnall says:

    Hi Patrick…Thanks for Bidet greetings! Believe it or not, apart from the studid jumpy, crucifix, backwards cross through move, the actual rock climbing is pretty realistic, and Cruise actually did most of it (although he was surrounded by safety stuff, which they digitally removed later) and the rest was done by a brilliant but smug american climber called Ron Kauk. Me? I prefer a rope under most circumstances….

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