The Law is an Ass!

So I show up as a witness in an alleged assault to give medical testimony. Dragged my weary carcass (late night phone calls to Ireland – lovely but paying for it now!) out of bed and trekked to Midland, a God-forsaken hellhole of a town that smells of pee and has no decent coffee, waited for an hour in a room full of nefarious individuals feeling undertattooed and overdressed in that I was the only one wearing shoes, only to be told that the bloody complainant hadn’t showed up! A voucher for $15 and not so much as a sorry for your trouble. No doubt if I hadn’t showed up I would have been charged for contempt of court. Well, guess what? I have contempt of Midland Court! On a lighter note – here is me in my suit with Polly-dog, as promised 😉 and a pic of my graduation pressie cufflinks from big sis, which are hilarious! Oh, and have added big Neil O’Connor’s pics of le Tour’s highest point this year – see right…thanks big man!

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2 Responses to The Law is an Ass!

  1. Unknown says:

    Great to see you scrub up OK, and that the cuffs are getting an airing! Also love the cuddly dog pics…

  2. Unknown says:

    Looking good in the suit. Who owns the dog?Mum

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